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We are passionate professionals who love working with new ideas and transforming them into real products.We are enthusiastic, inventive, and have experience creating applications as business visionaries. Our reputation as a mobile application development organization stretches over more than four years in the business and more than 40 clients from all around the world

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Developing an App: A Step-by-step Guide to Choosing Proper Developers

When you realise that it is the right time to develop an app – you will upgrade your business to the next level. In the era of technologies, software development becomes a necessity. Over 2 billion people use smartphones worldwide, and you can reach all of them with a mobile tool for your business. Convert your potential audience into your loyal clients with attractive and functional mobile software. But where do you begin? It might be difficult when you face the development of your app for the first time. Here you can find some guidelines that may help you to build and market your application. With a good starting point you are halfway there.
  • Plan Your Project

    Get the main idea or a key problem you need to solve. Make a list of the most important issues and think if you can find an existing digital solution to them.
  • Plan Your Project

    Identify the consumers’ needs. Walk in their shoes and see what they are looking for. Try to predict what functionality is missing. You can check your idea with the Google Keyword Planner tool and see how many people are searching for what you are trying to do. Look at the app reviews and see how your solution can become better than the existing ones. Your program must be something that people want to use.
  • Plan Your Project

    Think of the key functionality for your app design. List all the functions you want to have, or create a mindmap to make them visually compelling. More details will help during the development process assessment.
  • Plan Your Project

    Create a minimum feature list. For the first version of the app, to see if it works or not, you don’t need additional features which are simply “nice to have.” Look at your list of functions you have created before and pick only those which are essential. It can help you save your money in the beginning and reach your customers quicker.
  • Plan Your Project

    Pay attention to design. An attractive and user-friendly design is extremely important for the promotion of your business and your brand. Many entrepreneurs believe that basic design is enough, the main thing is functionality. Don’t make their mistake. If your design is so basic that it is even hard to understand how to use it, then the whole project is a failure. Design is not only about how it looks, it is about the user experience of the app

How To Get an App Developed?

First of all, you should decide whether you want to build a Native, a Web-based or a Hybrid application. Let us point out the difference between these three types.
Native App Development

A Native app is an app that is built for a specific platform and optimised for a set of devices, like the iPhone and iPad. The benefit of creating such an app is an opportunity to interact with the operating system using all its advantages, the main one being fewer bugs. They are the apps you can download from the Apple Store and Google Play. Main advantages are:

  • The fastest, the most reliable and responsive experience for the user;
  • You can implement a wider functionality in them;
  • Push-notifications are also available within a Native app if you need them.

In other words, they are perfect for your business, but they cost much more than Web-based apps.

Web-based App Creation

A Web-based app is an application that is available through a browser such as Chrome or Safari; you can also download it. They are simpler, cheaper and can be created much faster than Native apps. But their main drawbacks are as follows:

  • They require an Internet connection to work;
  • Created specially to realise some specific features (like special grammar check, or some design mode, or complicated calculations, etc);
  • Less engaging than a Native app.
Hybrid Applications

If you don’t know which one is the best for you, then maybe you should try a Hybrid app (cross platform mobile app) which unites the best practices of iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms… Just keep in mind, that to make a professional hybrid app is twice or three times more expensive than to make a Native one, as the architecture, tests and maintenance must be done simultaneously for all platforms in order to avoid conflicts between them. Of course, such a solution cannot be as fast as a Native app, and usually, hybrid applications have some bugs because of internal conflicts, but it’s not critical for many users, and young app makers strongly recommend to use it as the best app software development solution.

How To Make an App

First of all, you should decide whether you want to build a Native, a Web-based or a Hybrid application. Let us point out the difference between these three types.
Free Software Tools for App Design

If you don’t want to hire an app design company and don’t have coding skills you can find free app development software on the Internet to do it yourself. Video tutorials, manuals, and app creating websites will help you to build your own first mobile program. You just need to pick the type of your application (business, social media, music, etc.), among the thousands of possible templates, choose the one you like, customise it with additional features, fulfil the information about your business and it is ready.

Quick and easy way to create an app
Free development
No coding
Limited features
Monthly payment for maintenance
No guarantees that it will work on all devices
Standard Application Redesign

The notion ‘standard application’ isn’t widely spread, but it is well-known within the users of the most popular e-commerce app – the JMango360 app development tool. It is a type of app builder, easily integrated with the Magento Shopping app . If you are happy with the available functionality of a standard app for e-commerce, it’s the best solution to which you can add some personalised graphic elements. The main disadvantage is that you cannot change or customise the solution, nor can you add additional features.

Saves time, No coding, Easy to do
Limited features, Can’t change UX
Developing iOS Apps: Open Code Resources and Frameworks

If you have enough programming skills, then work with these resources because they will significantly save you time. The idea of open code resources is that developers create their apps and allow other developers to use their code and make their own modifications. Thus, a developer doesn’t need that much time to write the whole code, in other words, there is an existing foundation, and you just add your features.

Saves time
The result is a fully-featured app
You need to be a developer with good coding skills;
You need to invest a lot of your time to completely understand the code;
You have some restrictions depending on the license, for example;
You are not allowed to use it for commercial purposes;
You have to give access to your modifications to other users;
There are no guarantees that there are no mistakes in the code

To sum up, creating apps with open code resources might be good for someone who is just learning their programming skills, but not for those who want to create an app to make real money. If you need a professional tool – the proper solution is to order it from an app development company.

Tailored App Creation

Finally, you can hire a team of professional developers, like us. You just need to tell us about your idea, and we will find the best digital solution for you. You are always the one who controls the situation.

No limits in app functionality, modifications and changes according to your growing business needs;
High-quality product;
Investment which pays off and generates revenue.
Relatively expensive

Here are some of the links to free app building platforms and DIY tools:

  • Popular App building platforms: Jmango36
  • Open-source ecommerce platform Magento
  • App builder software: App Inventor for Android
  • Example of app creating websites: www.goodbarber.com

What Our Clients Have to Say about Us

  • Costa Zimbiti
    Founder of Housar
    It's been extraordinary working with B&A. The app development team took an exceptionally difficult RFP with a lot of particulars and adequately maneuvered it all together into a spotlessly and richly designed product. The team was consistently understanding when it came to changes that had to be made along the way. I am happy to recommend B&A to anybody considering creating a business from the ground up.
  • Joe Scott
    CEO of PhantomALERT
    Excellence is earned and trust is worked after some time. Over the two years we have been teamed up with B&A, we have saved so much in our application and server development related expenses. We have outsourced 100% of our application, web and server based development to B&A. B&A has provided us with software solutions that accomplish our goals and empowers us to maintain our high-quality service to our users.
  • Baruch Richter
    Founder of Find a way, José!
    For a very long time I was searching for a professional app development company to build my iOS game, 'Discover a Way, Jose', and after 15 interviews with different agencies, I chose B&A. I must say, that was the best decision of my life. The experience was extraordinary, from the underlying stages, to turning point conveyances, to QA cycles, to App Store arrangement, until this very day, when we are going to upgrade for the fifth time, still adding new features. The team of B&A is solid, quick, proficient, thoughtful and excellent at communicating. That’s why it should come as no surprise that I recommend B&A to my associates whenever they ask if I know a great iPhone application development company.

Estimation of Cost For Your App Development

It is hard to say how much it costs to develop a software solution without discussing it in detail. Here we describe the process of app creation for you and tell you an approximate and realistic price for a business tool. So, the process of development consists of several parts.

Creation of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

In a discussion with our client, we determine the functionality of the app and the client’s requests. Then we conduct our own research to create a Minimum Viable Product – a working software program with core features, and start a detailed evaluation for the further improvement.

Design an App

As soon as we have a layout of an MVP, our designers find the best and the most intuitive way to organise its components. User experience tests help to make the app user-friendly and easy to use. Besides the usability, designers also work on its attractiveness. We create several designs for you to choose from. You are the one who knows what suits your business, and that is why your input in the designing process is important to us .

Next Stage – Developing an App

The team of professional developers takes care of the architecture of your app, its functions, upgrades, and maintenance. They identify the most effective way the technology can serve your needs. With perfect coding skills, they create for you a high-quality product. Quality assurance is an important factor of our work. The QA department makes sure that it will work and work properly.

Market Your Mobile or Web Application

With our experience, we help you effectively launch your app in the Apple Store and Google Play and reach your target audience in the most successful way. We prepare a project illustration and description to attract your customers and make your ROI tangible.


Time days/hours

Cost (£)

Define MVP

2/16 – 5/40

640 – 1,600


8/64 – 20/160

2500 – 6,400


10/80 – 60/480

3,200 – 20000

Quality Assurance

3/24 -10/80

1000 – 5000





25/200 – 97/776

8,000 – 50000

Of course, every project needs its own cost estimation and the best way to let us provide you with the real figures is to call us and describe your idea in detail.